Reduce electricity bills

Monthly energy bills at the end of the month can be a nightmare for any household. At the moment, energy bills are competing with skyrockets. There is no way out of energy bills unless you install a solar system in Sydney. Solar energy gives freedom from the traditional electricity grid, and you no longer have to pay money for your electricity when you opt for solar energy.

Enhance home value

Solar energy is currently a trending topic in Australia. People love to purchase homes that have been installed with solar panel system in Sydney. This implies that your home’s value in the real estate market will greatly increase if you choose to power your house through solar energy. If you plan to sell your home, solar power will be the most profitable investment you’ve ever made.

Government assistance

The Australian government is providing financial incentives for each solar panel system in Australia in order to encourage people to shift to solar energy instead of relying on the traditional electricity grid, which spoils the environment in the most possible way. So when you decide to install solar panels on your home’s roof, government incentives will ease your capital investment.

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What are The Benefits of
Solar Energy?

“Solar energy is persistent and readily available. Moreover, it’s absolutely free. You don’t have to pay money to the sun in order to utilise its energy”

Welcome to Endeavour Solar.

Some Important Facts About Solar Energy Use in Australia

Endeavour Solar is a privately owned and operated Australian company. Our operatives collectively have over 50 years’ experience in the solar industry with deep knowledge of the Australian energy market. Our aim is to help bring high quality and cost-effective products into the market to increase energy efficiency in homes and business.

  • Honest & Transparent

    We are an open and trustworthy solar installation company. Prior to taking up your project, we provide you with free quotes that help you understand the overall estimated cost of the total project.

  • Experience & Expertise

    We partnered with a team that had years of experience combined together. The experience that we have will be our biggest weapon while installing your solar system in Sydney.

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Over Others?

In order to be chosen by you, we must be special in terms of service and quality. Sydney is a gigantic city where you can find a service that can install solar system in Sydney right next to your door. So finding a solar installation service is no longer a big task; it’s choosing the right one. Here we are compiling some of the key points that made us the top choice for solar installation among Sydney residents.

  • Installation & technical support
  • Flexible Cost-Effective Solutions
  • 24/7 Support & maintenance
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Solar Maintenance

The way you maintain your installed solar systems will decide their total lifespan. There are several valid reasons that show the importance of solar panel maintenance.


Panels Installation

Then we will match you with your very own installation team comprising of a CEC Accredited Installer & Designer, Electricians, Engineers, and Installation Co-ordinator.



After your installation, our experienced metering team will finalise all required paperwork for the connection of your solar system to the grid.



You will have unlimited access to our dedicated task force with all their knowledge at your fingertips. We are committed to ensuring a seamless transition into a lifetime of savings with Endeavour Solar.


Commercial solutions

We at Endeavour Solar are one of the leading commercial solar system providers in Australia. We have started this service by aiming to help businesses achieve their business goal


Replacement Upgrade

Looking for the best possible way to upgrade your existing solar system without making any mistakes, then you have reached the right spot with Endeavour Solar.

Endeavour Solar

Integrated Solar Solutions

Solar electricity is now the fastest growing business on Earth. Manufacturers are producing megawatts of PV cells monthly, and the global power industry is talking of gigawatts of solar electricity to come. Meanwhile, in the developing world, a thousand small mission-driven businesses continue to bring light to those in the dark.

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Controling Your Energy Productionr

The Recent Projects

We are expert both in residential and commercial solar installation. View our our success stories on few of our completed projects.

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  • Cheltenham

    30 KW SYSYEM

  • Bangor


  • Kellyville


Our Pricing

Flexible Pricing

Our new products, the new packages we offer, and our prices. we will give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. you will be going get satisfactory services & assistance from us.

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Solar PV System

Medium Industry

  • 98 x 370w Tier 1 Mono Perc Half Cell Panels
  • 2 x 15KW Solar Inverter with Free Wifi
  • Approved Mounting & Electrical kit
  • Approved Mounting & Electrical kit
  • High Efficiency Solar Module
  • Quick & Hassle Free Installation by CEC Accredited Installer
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Solar PV System

Small Home

  • 18 x 370w Tier 1 Mono Perc Half Cell Panels
  • 5 KW Solar Inverter with Free Wifi
  • Approved Mounting & Electrical kit
  • High Efficiency Solar Module
  • 18 x 370w Tier 1 Mono Perc Half Cell Panels
  • Quick & Hassle Free Installation by CEC Accredited Installer
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Customer Feedback

Our Solar Systems Have Proven To Be Great Investments
For Many Australians.

Rida Stanley

39 Guernsey Ave

“The Energy Power Saver team were a pleasure to deal with, offering Lumex an energy saving LED solution that not only continues to save money on a monthly basis, but also provides a brighter and cooler workplace. I would have no hesitation recommending them to any one looking to save money and provide a brighter work environment.”

Zeenat Burke

22 Guernsey Ave

“I was really pleased with their service and quick turnaround time. It must have been one of the fastest but also informative and pleasant experiences we’ve had with a company. My interactions with them were professional and prompt, and their prices were competitive and well supported.”

Noal hsuat

Oran Park, NSW

“Going solar with Endeavour Solar has been a great experience. The sales staff and local installers were very professional. Our daily bill has reduced from $11.03 to $3.98 on the standard feed in of $0.10 with a 6.6Kw system.”

Erina soulasd

Auburn, NSW

“Everyone from the first phone call to the last has been a pleasure to deal with. All requests were dealt with promptly and without question. The pricing was competitive. Installation was organised timely.”